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4265 Pennyroyal Rd.
Franklin, Ohio 45005
♥  Call us: 937-743-9956  ♥

Pet Grooming & Boarding
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Boarding Facility & Experience
 Clean Happy Environment
 Central Heat and Air Conditioning
 Six foot Fenced Exercise Area
 Owner lives on the premises and is a certified veterinary aide.
​♥ Pet is exercised four times daily
 Supervised playtime is included at no extra charge.
 Fresh water given frequently.
 Iams and Pedigree are available for feeding.  (However, if your pet is on a different diet, bring that with you so as not to upset your dog's system.)
 Beds and toys are okay to bring, as long as your pet does not eat fabric.
 Vaccinations must be current, including Rabies, annual booster, and Bordatella.

Convenient to Franklin, Miamisburg, and Springboro
We treat your pet like our own

Boarding Services
 Dog Boarding
 Cat Boarding
 Belly Scratches (No Charge)
Dog Grooming Services
Hair Cuts
 Certified Master Dog Groomer
 She is knowledgeable and skilled with all 175 AKC breed haircut standards.
 Eighteen years of experience
 Experienced and able to customize your pet's haircut or trim to your standards if desired.

4265 Pennyroyal Rd.
Franklin, Ohio 45005
♥  Call us: 937-743-9956  ♥

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Every Grooming Includes
 Blow Drying
 Ear Cleaning
 Trim Coat
 Brush Out
 Trim Nails

Dog Grooming Rates
Basic Rates
 All dog groomings include the services listed above.
 Prices for grooming are breed specific with a standard breed specific cut.

Examples That Increase the Price of Grooming
 Coat Conditions
 Large for Breed Size

Examples of Grooming Pricing (Hope this helps.)
 Short Hair Chihuahua............. $15
 W. Highland Terrier.............. $35
 Golden Retriever................... $35
 Golden Retriever that needs a grooming plus needs blowing the undercoat and shaving has a basic charge of $35, plus $5 for the undercoat, plus $10 for the shaving.  The total is................................ $50
 The truest price is decided by the groomer at the time of the appointment.
 No charge for head pats.
Boarding Fees
 The daily boarding fee is $18, for all breeds and weights.
 If your pet is picked up before 1pm, there is no charge for that day.
 There is no charge for administering medication by mouth.
 There is a $1 fee per injection.